Premiered online on 25th November 2020

on Zoom

This documentary tells the story of six Gambian women who have survived sexual violence.  

Their stories of sexual violence start from the  age of five into their teenage years.

It looks at the impact sexual violence has on their lives and discusses how these acts o f violence against the girl-child can be prevented.

Against the national backdrop of cultural silence and the protection of the family name and reputation, young girls find it an uphill battle to seek justice against their perpetrators.

The situation is compounded by a lack of data on girls and women who have survived sexual violence and the absence of a coordinated approach by all stake holders involved in the protection of the girl-child.


The aim of the documentary is to give a voice to survivors to tell their stories for everyone to hear. 


Beyond that it is call on stakeholders which include government, children and women advocacy groups, families, societies and communities to not just begin the conversation about the need to protect girls and women from sexual violence but to educate the communities and ultimately ensure that the full force of the law is effected on perpetrators of sexual violence